Week 5. Another busy week.Lots of different activities completed this week. Read on to to find out more. 


We have begun our unit on addition and subtraction now. We are starting off by building on the year 1 skills and will quickly work towards the the year 2 skills in addition and subtraction which is adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. They will be using their place value skills to support this. To support at home please use use the sumdog games this week. I have set simple addition within 20 so that the children can do these speedily which will help with the larger numbers when we get to them.


The children have been so engaged in their writing this week. Particularly the boys which is great to see. We have planned and begun to write our own versions of Bob and the Moontree mystery. We are really working on including exciting vocabulary to engage the reader. So far, the stories have been fabulous. 


We learnt about another significant person today. Mae Jemison. She was the first black woman to travel to space. Ask your children to share their knowledge with you. 


Reading ( books changed every Wednesday)

Spelling  - on TEAMS. It is very important the children know how to spell all the year 1 common exception word (yellow boxes) by the end of this half term. We have sent home the assessment sheets highlighting the spellings individuals need to learn. Please spend time practising these with your child. Championship points are awarded to those children who get full marks on their tests. 

Sumdog - addition within 20.

10 children played on sumdog this week. Well done to those children however can we see a few more. If you are having trouble accessing the online actrvites please let me know and I will do my best to help. 


PE is Wednesday. Please send your child in their full PE kit on a Wednesday. This consists of plain black or navy bottoms and a plain white t shirt. The school jumper or cardigan can be worn over the top or a plain dark jumper. No patterns/logos please. We want our children to look as smart in their PE kits as they do in their beautiful uniforms. 


Well done to our CP winner this week  - Meme, Neveah and Ella Mae. 3 very hardworking girls who are trying hard to use their behaviours for learning. 

Well done to our handwriting hero  - Josiah W - all presenting his work well.

Well done to our Learning Hero  - Sienna - always trying her best and willing to help others. 


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