School Admissions

We are delighted that you are considering applying for a place at Manchester Road Primary Academy.

The Enquire Learning Trust is the admission authority for the academy you are considering and is responsible for determining its admission arrangements. These admissions arrangements can be found HERE


Manchester Road Primary Academy has a Nursery which offers places on full time and part time basis (AM sessions only). As from 2024- 25, Nursery places will be offered to children in the year in which they become four years old.

In January 2024, places can be offered to children who will become 4 years old between September 2024 and August 2025 (parents/carers are asked to apply at school and fill in the necessary forms – Mrs Taylor will be more than happy to help with these queries)

Nursery Admissions

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Reception places can be applied for in the year a child is five. The application process for Reception places is now done on-line. Tameside and Manchester Council issues dates for applications in November, and the initial closing dates are usually in January.

Children attending MRPA Nursery DO NOT automatically get a place in the reception classes. Parents/carers must still apply on-line. (Confirmation of reception places are sent by the Academy in April). Any parents/carers who do not apply on-line by January can apply later in the year – But places may be restricted or unavailable.

The Tameside booklet ‘Starting Out’ also advises parents and carers of how to apply for a reception place:
Children who do have a place at MRPA reception will be admitted to school on a full time basis over the first week of term. Parents will be invited to a meeting and to visit the reception class prior to admission.

Tameside Starting Out

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If you apply for a school place, and are not successful, there is a right to appeal.