Manchester Road Primary Academy is a school whose focus is on each child as an individual, where the emphasis is upon every child achieving the very best that they can. Our core principles of Pride, Positivity and Politeness run through the whole of our school culture, and encourage the children to become caring and considerate members of our community.


At Manchester Road Primary Academy we aim to provide an environment where:

  • Children feel welcomed and supported in a positive atmosphere where their learning is celebrated.
  • Children are encouraged to have their own voice and to be polite and respectful to others.
  • Everyone is committed to building a great school community.
  • Learners are focused upon achieving the very best that they can and are proud of their achievements.
  • Adults model themselves as learners and empower children to engage with their own learning.

In order to achieve these aims, we work hard to create a friendly, caring and respectful climate for learning, where staff take care to form strong relationships with children and their families from the day they start at school.