We've had a wonderful 2 weeks learning all about 'Don't Forget the Bacon!' in our Food topic, and it's now time to change the book...

Next week we'll be introducing the wonderful tale of Pumpkin Soup! The children are going to have a wonderful time with the story and the beautiful illustrations.  

In maths this week the children have been learning all about 'part, part, whole' for the numbers 1-5 and discovering they can partition some numbers in different ways (2+2 and 3+1 for 4, for example).  Their challenges in Continuous Provision will be based on that learning. 

As we've been learning all about rhyme this week, some of the challenges will be to find the rhyming word, or find the odd one out. Help your child at home by pointing out rhyme in stories you're sharing. 

The nursery children have been having their lessons through the song 5 currant buns in a baker's shop.  They've been talking about what they can find in different shops and which shops they've been to and have been doing lots of counting and subtracting using the song.  

Thank you to all those who have logged onto ActiveLearn this week - it's not a one-off home learning task though - our expectation is that the children use this to read one book a week (at least).  We deactivated the 'read to me' option as we noticed some children were 'reading' over 10 books in half an hour!  We would like the children to practise their phonics and decoding to work out the words themselves.  Also, if the 'bugs' are not clicked on and completed, the children do not receive their coins and the book remains orange and 'open'.  It will disappear from their library once they're done. 

Finally, the Hedgehogs have won the attendance this week!  Well done Hedgehogs!  Keep it up. 

The home learning challenge (as well as reading book and Activelearn) is to look out for different shops - there aren't any local butchers or greengrocers but these sections are still in the supermarkets - can you help your child find them?

We hope you have a lovely weekend, 

Best wishes

Mrs Frost and Miss Collinson