What a brilliant week!  All the children are becoming a lot more settled and are finding the full days a lot easier. 

In Maths we've been learning all about the numbers 3 and 4, discovering how to make the number in different ways, and how to recognise it quickly (subitising). 

In English, we've carried on looking at our Charlie and Lola book, I Will Never Ever Eat a Tomato, thinking about the different types of foods that Lola might not like, and focusing on speaking in full sentences. 

The Rabbits' Learning hero was Harper for reciprocity - joining in with others and taking turns. 

The Hedgehog's Learning Hero was Georgie for Resilience - settling in much better each day. 

The children have come home with their first Home Learning Book.  Please return this by Wednesday at the latest.  This week's Learning Challenge is to complete the All About Me sheet - some of you have already done this so thank you very much.  We try and make the Home Learning challenges very fun and active. 

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Frost and Mrs Sheridan