21 March 2021

Year 3 Week 5

Hi everyone!

What an amazing start back to school! We have been very busy and very practical this week. In D.T, we have been designing and making our own fairground carousel rides using electrical circuits. In Science, we have been investigating forces and magnets. We planned and carried out…

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Image of Year 3 Autumn 2 Week 5
7 December 2020

Year 3 Autumn 2 Week 5

We had another wonderful week. We made our own Stone Age soup by peeling and chopping all of the vegetables, adding stock and seasoning and then carrying out a taste test afterwards to see our amazing results! It was delicious and the children were so sensible and careful when making the soup. We…

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Image of Autumn 2 Week 4
27 November 2020

Autumn 2 Week 4

Hi everyone,

We've had an amazing week with some super-exciting activities taking place! On Wednesday, we had a Stone Age workshop take place all day, where we learnt about human history, ancient artefacts and timelines. We also had the opportunity to investigate different artefact replicas and…

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Image of Year 3 - Final Week of Autumn 1
23 October 2020

Year 3 - Final Week of Autumn 1

Hello everyone. We made it to the end of a very successful first half term! 

The children have been absolutely fantastic and we are so proud of what they have achieved.


In English this week, we completed our narrative written piece based on the Stone Age Boy text. We included a variety…

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16 October 2020

Year 3 Week 7

It's been a fantastic week this week!

In English, we completed our diary entries based on the Stone Age Boy text and have prepared a plan to write our narratives next week.

In Maths, we have been spotting patterns with numbers and completing addition and subtraction using the column…

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2 October 2020

Year 3 Week 5

Hello everyone!

It has been a great week. 

In English, we have been identifying features of a diary entry to prepare us for writing our own based on the Stone Age Boy text. 

In Maths, we used different methods to add with 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. 

The focus in PSHE this week has…

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25 September 2020

Year 3 Week 4

Good afternoon everyone, 

We have got up to lots of interesting activities this week in Year 3.

Everyone loved swimming on Monday, we are now in groups, so the children get a lot more pool time, which is great!

In Maths, we have moved on from Place Value and we are now starting exploring…

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18 September 2020

Welcome to Year 3!

Hello everyone!

We hope that you have had an enjoyable week. 

Below is an overview of what we are currently learning in Year 3. 


In English, we are reading Stone Age Boy, which links with our History topic on the Stone Age to Iron Age. We have been developing our writing by creating…

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Image of 2A Spring 2 Week 4
20 March 2020

2A Spring 2 Week 4

What a strange week this has been! Despite the stress, confusion and upset, the children have been amazing, as per usual!! They are such a wonderful bunch and I wish we weren’t going to miss out on our time in Year 2. 

We have had a busy week, full of assessments, plant habitats, research,…

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Image of 2B week 3
15 March 2020

2B week 3

In English, this week, we have written our non chron reports about Elephants. The vocabulary the children have used is phenomenal. This week we will be innovating the story ‘One day on our blue planet’ and writing It about an elephant instal of a lion. 

During mathematics we have continued our…

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Image of 2A Spring 2 Week 3
15 March 2020

2A Spring 2 Week 3

We have had a busy third week back. Thank you to everyone who came and supported our fabulous art gallery! Pieces are still on sale until Friday 20th. 

In English, we have been busy writing our fact files about Elephants. We are going to move on to setting descriptions next week.

In Maths,…

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Image of Two weeks in
10 March 2020

Two weeks in

Two weeks back and we have achieved so much already. 

Our African topic is really capturing their interest.

During English the children have really enjoyed learning about the African Savannah and have learnt lots of ambitious vocabulary which they are including in their reports about…

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